Who's that guy !?


Hey there!

i'm Christian.
I'm > 37 years old.
I'm living in Berlin, Germany.
I'm happily married and got a lovely little daughter. 🥰

A motivated, versatile hands-on developer with leadership & general management skills as also >15 years experience in digital marketing & development. Always looking for new challenges.

 <!-- The Fanatic. -->

Think different. I love Apple! Apple is one of the best companies in the world. They make useful products with the highest possible quality and their hardware & software is always "easy to understand" to everyone!

👓 /** The Nerd. **/

Born in 1985. Apprenticeship as a salesman in retail. Developing for around 20 years in private and >15 years in professional. I'm a passionate developer for developing software and apps running on the world wide web or directly on apples products! ;-)

🏂 // The Boarder.

Snowboarding is one of the coolest sports, ever! 2 Weeks of boarding in the mountains makes your mind completely free.

⚓️ # The Captain.

Whenever the sun is shining and time allows i'm going out for a timeless boat trip on the beautiful lakes of surrounding Berlin!

‍👨‍🍼 The Family Guy.

I'm so in love ♥️ with my little family! And i love to spend as much time as possible playing with my little daughter (~2 years). 😍